Looking for something fun to do this weekend?

Head out to Kimball Sterling Auction this weekend for back-to-back auction excitement!  He’s running an estate auction today in Kingsport, and then tomorrow he’ll be having one of his biggest (and perhaps even his last) Antique Art Cane auctions!

These auctions draw people from around the world, so don’t miss it!!!


Oh, and by the way :

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Inspirational New Album by JORDAN COPAS just dropped – COPACETIC!

Here’s a great new project that is about to go live on Kickstarter!  It’s called “COPACETIC” and it is truly inspirational!  This is a mix of hip-hop, soul, and a whole lot of heart.  Click here to check it out : COPACETIC

Jordan is an employee at Gooder Labs LLC and as such we had a chance to sit down with Jordan and talk with him about his life.  What we learned was that through thick or thin, through chaos and strife, nothing can break down the human spirit unless you let it.  Jordan is a living embodiment of positivity and forward thinking.  Take a look at his campaign and sample some of his previous works – you’ll be glad you did!

COPACETIC – a non-denominational, uplifting hip-hop and dance experience for all people to enjoy!


Local Restaurant hits home run with Artisan Made Sriracha Beef Jerky

When the Kickstarter Campaign for local Johnson City Area BBQ Restaurant “LG’s BBQ” went live we knew it was going to be a winner… but we didn’t know it was going to absolutely take off!

Owner Lynnette Talbert spends her days perfecting the recipes and flavors that make LG’s BBQ such a hit with the locals.  Between running the place and wrangling her four children she still finds time to come up with new things.  Her latest creation, Sriracha Beef Jerky, has proven to be such a smash hit that she has decided to take it NATIONWIDE!

Her early nationwide test sales were conducted entirely through a single online forum.  In the course of just one month this small group of people were so impressed with the flavor of the jerky that they purchased in excess of $8,000 worth.  It was at that time Lynnette knew that she had a great product.

In order to be able to produce enough of the stuff to meet demand she had to upgrade from hand slicing the meat to the use of a deli slicer.  Then, she went from a single commercial dehydrator to two of them.  Then she bought a third, and as of now she is currently operating four slicers.  After seeing just how popular her recipe has proven to be, she had decided that she needs to perform a major upgrade of her equipment.  She is interested in purchasing a bulk slicer as well as a trimmer, but in order to be able to do that she needs help, so she has decided to launch a Kickstarter Campaign.

Her campaign managed to reach its funding goal within hours of launch, and has been steadily climbing ever since.  From what we are seeing, it looks like LG’s Sriracha Beef Jerky is a definite winner, and is here to stay!

See the campaign live, and maybe even snag some great jerky at : www.epicsriracha.com

Owner Lynnette Talbert stands in front of the large lighted sign at LG's BBQ

Owner Lynnette Talbert stands in front of the large lighted sign at LG’s BBQ


Can you believe what happened at Kickstarter a couple days ago??!??!

Apparently, the *massively successful* “Kobe Red Beef Jerky” campaign turned out to be nothing more than an elaborate FRAUD!

(Not to be confused with our amazingly popular Sriracha Jerky campaign…)

The project was cancelled with less than an hour to go after having raked in over $120,000 in pledges.  Fortunately, since the deception was discovered in time, nobody lost any money, but if it hadn’t been for the eagle eyes and suspicious natures of a few intrepid Internet Detective folks this could have been a MASSIVE blow to the concept of crowdfunding!

Let me pull on your ear for a second…  Crowdfunding, just like any other “investment” strategy, carries with it inherent risks.  When you are giving someone money based on the expectation of a return you could very well be setting yourself up for disappointment.  You must take steps to protect your investment if you wish to minimize your risk.

1) Know the product.  Understand it.  Try to figure out what will make it work or not work.  Why would you want to invest money in a flying car if the inventor cannot even explain to you how the thing is supposed to work?

2) Know the person.  Do your homework before you whip out your checkbook.  Are you getting all your information from the project creator?  What is his history?  Is there any evidence that he has the ability to deliver?

3) Know the market.  Is this really a product/service that you want to associate yourself with?  Will it be as “in-demand” as the creator assumes?  What makes him think that his invention of a 5-tined fork is going to make him rich?

4) Know when to walk.  Sooner or later there will be something – a rumor, an unfavorable news article…  something… which gives you that Spidey-sense tingling in the back of your neck.  If you start to have doubts about a product, it’s for a reason.  Try to root out the cause of those doubts.  If your suspicions start to look more and more correct, then get your money back and head for the door.

5) And finally, do not EVER subscribe to the whole “in for a penny, in for a pound” philosophy of investing.  It may have worked for Donald Trump, once, but he had a proven concept and the ability to make it happen.  If you’ve invested $100,000 into an idea, and the creator just keeps coming to you with the line “I’m about to make a breakthrough, I just need another $5,000″ or “we’re almost there, just a little more cash is needed” then you need to stop what you are doing and walk.  What you are experiencing is one of the many logical fallacies.  This particular one is called the “Sunk Cost Fallacy.”  For a clear explanation, visit this link.

In the meantime, however, stop by OUR campaign and snag some of OUR excellent, 100% non-scam Sriracha Beef Jerky!  It will blow your mind!


LG’s Beef Jerky Kickstarter has GONE VIRAL!

This is it, folks – this is proof that a mother of four *can* break into a male dominated industry and just shred the competition!

The owner of a a local Johnson City, TN BBQ restaurant decided to fight back against the effects of the economy by making beef jerky on the side.  She started with just a couple flavors, like Teriyaki, Garlic, Peppered, and the like, and it was doing well and really helping out.  As time went on the economy sank further and further and she noticed restaurants all around her closing left and right.  Determined to not become another statistic, she doubled her efforts and has been holding her own.

One night, after a long day at the restaurant, she decided to kick back with her four kids (two boys and twin girls) and relax with a pizza.  She had always been a big fan of loading a slice up with Sriracha sauce when it occured to her…  SRIRACHA JERKY!

The very next day she made a special batch just to try.  She gave a piece to everyone that came to the restaurant the next day and immediately she knew she had a winner.

The money that she has been making from local sales of this jerky has been enough to keep her business afloat, but she is wanting to take it to the next level.  She called on us at Gooder Labs to see what we could do and of course the first thing we thought was KICKSTART IT!  She’s a bit camera shy, so we had our graphics guy (Jesse) whip up a video in his signature style.  The project went live at around 2:30pm on May 30th.  To our amazement when we came in to the Lab the next morning we saw that it had ALREADY MET ITS FUNDING GOAL!!!

LG’s Jerky and Gooder Labs, LLC – Smashing gender stereotypes in Johnson City, TN!



A word about passwords, security, and common sense.

Did you know that there are 10,000 passwords out there which are used by 98.8% of all people on the Internet?

It’s true – people use easy to guess passwords such as “12345″ or “password” for things without giving any thought to the potential threat.

Allow me to present a scenario :

I want to get access to your BANK account, but I can’t because you are smart…  You chose a long string of random numbers and letters for your bank password.  Your weak e-mail password is guessed, or cracked by me though, through the use of about 10 minutes of time and a free piece of software.

Now that I am in your e-mail inbox, I go to Facebook.com and hit the “I forgot my password” button.  That password is then sent to your e-mail inbox.  Now I can log into your Facebook account.  From there I gather all sorts of great demographic information, such as your date of birth and your mother’s maiden name.

Next I go to your bank account and hit their “Forgotten Password” button.  I am asked some questions that *only you should know* such as mother’s maiden name, or D.O.B…  Presto – since I was able to verify that I am you, a link to reset the password for your bank account is sent to your e-mail.

The e-mail account that you thought had nothing important in it…

Please, people, pick three passwords and stick with them.

Bank Accounts, Utility Accounts, or any accounts that would have access to tax information : REALLY HARD password…  10 or more letters and numbers, such as : buLawOrk!4433

Facebook, E-mail, or other sites with critical information : TOUGH password… 7-10 *random* letters and numbers, such as : SkLoT?12

Throwaways accounts, like for commenting on news articles, need a : MEDIUM password… 5-7 letters and numbers, such as : CaT123

Notice how I used upper and lowercase letters, as well as punctuation?  Those increase the difficulty of cracking your password dramatically.  Simply adding an exclamation point, for instance, can increase the length of time that it takes to crack a password from 1 day all the way to 1,000 years.

Please, people, don’t share your passwords.  If you must write them down, put them somewhere safe… and finally – make them secure.