Can you believe what happened at Kickstarter a couple days ago??!??!

Apparently, the *massively successful* “Kobe Red Beef Jerky” campaign turned out to be nothing more than an elaborate FRAUD!

(Not to be confused with our amazingly popular Sriracha Jerky campaign…)

The project was cancelled with less than an hour to go after having raked in over $120,000 in pledges.  Fortunately, since the deception was discovered in time, nobody lost any money, but if it hadn’t been for the eagle eyes and suspicious natures of a few intrepid Internet Detective folks this could have been a MASSIVE blow to the concept of crowdfunding!

Let me pull on your ear for a second…  Crowdfunding, just like any other “investment” strategy, carries with it inherent risks.  When you are giving someone money based on the expectation of a return you could very well be setting yourself up for disappointment.  You must take steps to protect your investment if you wish to minimize your risk.

1) Know the product.  Understand it.  Try to figure out what will make it work or not work.  Why would you want to invest money in a flying car if the inventor cannot even explain to you how the thing is supposed to work?

2) Know the person.  Do your homework before you whip out your checkbook.  Are you getting all your information from the project creator?  What is his history?  Is there any evidence that he has the ability to deliver?

3) Know the market.  Is this really a product/service that you want to associate yourself with?  Will it be as “in-demand” as the creator assumes?  What makes him think that his invention of a 5-tined fork is going to make him rich?

4) Know when to walk.  Sooner or later there will be something – a rumor, an unfavorable news article…  something… which gives you that Spidey-sense tingling in the back of your neck.  If you start to have doubts about a product, it’s for a reason.  Try to root out the cause of those doubts.  If your suspicions start to look more and more correct, then get your money back and head for the door.

5) And finally, do not EVER subscribe to the whole “in for a penny, in for a pound” philosophy of investing.  It may have worked for Donald Trump, once, but he had a proven concept and the ability to make it happen.  If you’ve invested $100,000 into an idea, and the creator just keeps coming to you with the line “I’m about to make a breakthrough, I just need another $5,000″ or “we’re almost there, just a little more cash is needed” then you need to stop what you are doing and walk.  What you are experiencing is one of the many logical fallacies.  This particular one is called the “Sunk Cost Fallacy.”  For a clear explanation, visit this link.

In the meantime, however, stop by OUR campaign and snag some of OUR excellent, 100% non-scam Sriracha Beef Jerky!  It will blow your mind!


LG’s Beef Jerky Kickstarter has GONE VIRAL!

This is it, folks – this is proof that a mother of four *can* break into a male dominated industry and just shred the competition!

The owner of a a local Johnson City, TN BBQ restaurant decided to fight back against the effects of the economy by making beef jerky on the side.  She started with just a couple flavors, like Teriyaki, Garlic, Peppered, and the like, and it was doing well and really helping out.  As time went on the economy sank further and further and she noticed restaurants all around her closing left and right.  Determined to not become another statistic, she doubled her efforts and has been holding her own.

One night, after a long day at the restaurant, she decided to kick back with her four kids (two boys and twin girls) and relax with a pizza.  She had always been a big fan of loading a slice up with Sriracha sauce when it occured to her…  SRIRACHA JERKY!

The very next day she made a special batch just to try.  She gave a piece to everyone that came to the restaurant the next day and immediately she knew she had a winner.

The money that she has been making from local sales of this jerky has been enough to keep her business afloat, but she is wanting to take it to the next level.  She called on us at Gooder Labs to see what we could do and of course the first thing we thought was KICKSTART IT!  She’s a bit camera shy, so we had our graphics guy (Jesse) whip up a video in his signature style.  The project went live at around 2:30pm on May 30th.  To our amazement when we came in to the Lab the next morning we saw that it had ALREADY MET ITS FUNDING GOAL!!!

LG’s Jerky and Gooder Labs, LLC – Smashing gender stereotypes in Johnson City, TN!


Conventional Lending is GOING GOING ……….

Old traditions in money lending are about to face their demise.  Over the past few years many of the old ways of doing business are gone and will not be coming back.   We live in a time when inventors, artists and true entrepreneurship have a chance to shine.  With the rise of the crowd funding or crowd sourcing movement (as some call it) we can expect to see great changes in the way that ideas come to life.   Imagine a world where if a person has an idea for an invention or great business idea he or she can actually get the money to fund the project or product without asking uncle Billy to co-sign or asking mom to put her house up for collateral.  This is exactly with world we live in right now, gone are the days of filling out the credit application and waiting for the bank to decide if you are worthy.  Lets let the public decide or the crowd take over the funding of your idea.

All you have to do to get an idea of the power of crowd funding is visit and check out a few of the completed projects.  Our company, Gooder Labs LLC., has changed our focus to new product development and the new philosophy “let the people decide!”  We will NEVER again borrow money to start a project.  Why would we, when that is now old fashioned?

Harness the power of the Internet, spark an idea, make a compelling video and something worth seeing, and run a campaign to get it going.  Like anything else worth doing this is not an easy endeavor as only the most well thought ideas with the best efforts behind them will gain the maximum funding level.

It will take a while for the lending world as we know it to actually feel the heat from this movement but over time they will undoubtedly have to make some big changes if they want to keep up with this trend.  This being said I am sure that over time Government Regulation, busy body rule making and just flat out fear of the unknown will be issues faced by the crowd funding movement.

This phenomenon (crowd funding) is still in the embryo stage and some folks believe God is birthing the movement.   Hand in hand with the Makers, collaborators, barn raisers and communal living folks this movement is slowly changing the world.  In my personal opinion this is a train that comes by a few times in life and if you let it pass you will once again find yourself saying “maybe next time.”  Get a move on!  Sign up for the crowd funding movement at and  More to come……

Two decks of cards are in production!

We are currently producing two very special decks of playing cards – an H.P. Lovecraft themed deck and a Tattoo Flash deck!

These decks are going to be Kickstarter projects for Justin.  We plan on launching these for funding on the Kickstarter website.  The cards will be  manufactured by the US Playing Card company under the Bicycle Registered Trademark.  The art is in the works as I type this – it is a very exciting time in our business!

Edit by Coleson : What’s that you say?  You want to see a sample?  Okay, then…  How about the KING OF SPADES and the JACK OF SPADES :