A word about passwords, security, and common sense.

Did you know that there are 10,000 passwords out there which are used by 98.8% of all people on the Internet?

It’s true – people use easy to guess passwords such as “12345″ or “password” for things without giving any thought to the potential threat.

Allow me to present a scenario :

I want to get access to your BANK account, but I can’t because you are smart…  You chose a long string of random numbers and letters for your bank password.  Your weak e-mail password is guessed, or cracked by me though, through the use of about 10 minutes of time and a free piece of software.

Now that I am in your e-mail inbox, I go to Facebook.com and hit the “I forgot my password” button.  That password is then sent to your e-mail inbox.  Now I can log into your Facebook account.  From there I gather all sorts of great demographic information, such as your date of birth and your mother’s maiden name.

Next I go to your bank account and hit their “Forgotten Password” button.  I am asked some questions that *only you should know* such as mother’s maiden name, or D.O.B…  Presto – since I was able to verify that I am you, a link to reset the password for your bank account is sent to your e-mail.

The e-mail account that you thought had nothing important in it…

Please, people, pick three passwords and stick with them.

Bank Accounts, Utility Accounts, or any accounts that would have access to tax information : REALLY HARD password…  10 or more letters and numbers, such as : buLawOrk!4433

Facebook, E-mail, or other sites with critical information : TOUGH password… 7-10 *random* letters and numbers, such as : SkLoT?12

Throwaways accounts, like for commenting on news articles, need a : MEDIUM password… 5-7 letters and numbers, such as : CaT123

Notice how I used upper and lowercase letters, as well as punctuation?  Those increase the difficulty of cracking your password dramatically.  Simply adding an exclamation point, for instance, can increase the length of time that it takes to crack a password from 1 day all the way to 1,000 years.

Please, people, don’t share your passwords.  If you must write them down, put them somewhere safe… and finally – make them secure.

Conventional Lending is GOING GOING ……….

Old traditions in money lending are about to face their demise.  Over the past few years many of the old ways of doing business are gone and will not be coming back.   We live in a time when inventors, artists and true entrepreneurship have a chance to shine.  With the rise of the crowd funding or crowd sourcing movement (as some call it) we can expect to see great changes in the way that ideas come to life.   Imagine a world where if a person has an idea for an invention or great business idea he or she can actually get the money to fund the project or product without asking uncle Billy to co-sign or asking mom to put her house up for collateral.  This is exactly with world we live in right now, gone are the days of filling out the credit application and waiting for the bank to decide if you are worthy.  Lets let the public decide or the crowd take over the funding of your idea.

All you have to do to get an idea of the power of crowd funding is visit Kickstarter.com and check out a few of the completed projects.  Our company, Gooder Labs LLC., has changed our focus to new product development and the new philosophy “let the people decide!”  We will NEVER again borrow money to start a project.  Why would we, when that is now old fashioned?

Harness the power of the Internet, spark an idea, make a compelling video and something worth seeing, and run a kickstarter.com campaign to get it going.  Like anything else worth doing this is not an easy endeavor as only the most well thought ideas with the best efforts behind them will gain the maximum funding level.

It will take a while for the lending world as we know it to actually feel the heat from this movement but over time they will undoubtedly have to make some big changes if they want to keep up with this trend.  This being said I am sure that over time Government Regulation, busy body rule making and just flat out fear of the unknown will be issues faced by the crowd funding movement.

This phenomenon (crowd funding) is still in the embryo stage and some folks believe God is birthing the movement.   Hand in hand with the Makers, collaborators, barn raisers and communal living folks this movement is slowly changing the world.  In my personal opinion this is a train that comes by a few times in life and if you let it pass you will once again find yourself saying “maybe next time.”  Get a move on!  Sign up for the crowd funding movement at www.kickstarter.com and www.indiegogo.com.  More to come……