Local Restaurant hits home run with Artisan Made Sriracha Beef Jerky

When the Kickstarter Campaign for local Johnson City Area BBQ Restaurant “LG’s BBQ” went live we knew it was going to be a winner… but we didn’t know it was going to absolutely take off!

Owner Lynnette Talbert spends her days perfecting the recipes and flavors that make LG’s BBQ such a hit with the locals.  Between running the place and wrangling her four children she still finds time to come up with new things.  Her latest creation, Sriracha Beef Jerky, has proven to be such a smash hit that she has decided to take it NATIONWIDE!

Her early nationwide test sales were conducted entirely through a single online forum.  In the course of just one month this small group of people were so impressed with the flavor of the jerky that they purchased in excess of $8,000 worth.  It was at that time Lynnette knew that she had a great product.

In order to be able to produce enough of the stuff to meet demand she had to upgrade from hand slicing the meat to the use of a deli slicer.  Then, she went from a single commercial dehydrator to two of them.  Then she bought a third, and as of now she is currently operating four slicers.  After seeing just how popular her recipe has proven to be, she had decided that she needs to perform a major upgrade of her equipment.  She is interested in purchasing a bulk slicer as well as a trimmer, but in order to be able to do that she needs help, so she has decided to launch a Kickstarter Campaign.

Her campaign managed to reach its funding goal within hours of launch, and has been steadily climbing ever since.  From what we are seeing, it looks like LG’s Sriracha Beef Jerky is a definite winner, and is here to stay!

See the campaign live, and maybe even snag some great jerky at : www.epicsriracha.com

Owner Lynnette Talbert stands in front of the large lighted sign at LG's BBQ

Owner Lynnette Talbert stands in front of the large lighted sign at LG’s BBQ

How my Chiropractor gave me hope!

This is the story of how my Chiropractor gave me hope.

A few months ago while sitting at my desk I had massive pain right square in the middle of my back.  One of my customers, a local Chiropractor, had recently made a small print order so I decided to give them a ring and make an appointment to see if anything could be done to help me.  In the past anytime I had pain of this type I went to the doctors office and EVERY time I went they gave me a hand full of ibuprofen and sent me on my way.  One time the pain was so bad I thought I was having a heart attack. The pain in my back was so intense that it radiated through my chest.

“Enough is enough” is exactly where I was. Unable to get help from the Doctor and very frustrated with the situation I was willing to try almost anything. Dr. Tim to the rescue!  Upon arrival at his office I was greeted and given a detailed consultation as to what the problem was.  Upon further evaluation we decided that I would be a better fit as a regular patient.  My problem could only be relieved with an aggressive treatment.   “Oh no,” I thought, “aggressive treatment – that sounds rough.”  I was soon to learn that was not the case.  Aggressive did not actually mean hurtful or painful it meant that I had to be devoted to seeing him 3x a week for a while then less frequently as the problem went away.  As I began to think about it for a minute I realized that it was a no brainier — I just needed relief.  Over the next few weeks the pain gave way to other small pains in different parts of my back and body.  I called Dr. Tim and he explained that these pains are part of the healing process and that they would go away.  Within a short time they did start to subside.  These pains were my body compensating to make way for healing and when they started to go away this is the first time I had felt true relief in a long while.

Needless to say I was very happy and went home and explained this to my wife.  She is on her feet all day and has had neck problems for a very long time.  To make a long story short she too went to see Dr. Tim and his wife Dr. Cindy.  Yes they are both Chiropractors.  That is a whole story in itself when you realize that they both got their degrees while raising a family and living their lives at the same time.   WOW!  I was in awe of this for a while then when I got to know them both as people I can see how they have came so far.

At Gooder Labs, LLC. (my company) we do a lot of things but the our principle belief  is simple:  Do business as you do life and live it with good people!  I can now personally and as a company recommend Dr. Tim and Dr. Cindy to all of my friends and business associates.  They are the  dynamic duo of Chiropratic and two folks I feel very good about.  Please welcome them to the Tri-Cities area and show them some support.

Dr’s Tim and Cindy Dunne at Spine and Sports Chiropractic


LG’s BBQ In spite of the ODDS!

Over the next three months we will be launching a promotional campaign using various forms of advertising and social media.  All sales inquiries in relation to LG’s must come through Gooder Labs, LLC.  All the funds collected from this activity will go to funding Lynnette and LG’s BBQ.

We are going to use kickstarter.com and indiegogo.com to fund our projects and products and try to accomplish funding for major upgrades and equipment without resorting to Lynnette having to sign her life away to the bank.  If you are not familiar with this type of funding please visit the site and get signed up and check them out.

The funding from these adventures will go toward upgrading LG’s BBQ decor and equipment.  If you don’t know much about LG’s story, well – it is a good one.  Single mom of 4 kids scrapes and claws her way into the restaurant business — she used no banks had no major backers and used faith and determination to break into a male dominated BBQ restaurant market.  Friends helped along the way but all in all work ethic and will power helped her maintain her footing through the daunting task of opening a restaurant.

So here we are against all odds. LG’s BBQ is still alive though businesses are closing at a fierce rate around her.   Things look good in the long haul for LG’s but for now each and every day is a struggle to pay the bills.  In comes crowd funding, daily deals, and Gooder Labs to combine efforts and help fund the dream!  So please frequent LG’s, spend some money on a true LOCAL story and help make it successful in spite of the odds!