LG’s Beef Jerky Kickstarter has GONE VIRAL!

This is it, folks – this is proof that a mother of four *can* break into a male dominated industry and just shred the competition!

The owner of a a local Johnson City, TN BBQ restaurant decided to fight back against the effects of the economy by making beef jerky on the side.  She started with just a couple flavors, like Teriyaki, Garlic, Peppered, and the like, and it was doing well and really helping out.  As time went on the economy sank further and further and she noticed restaurants all around her closing left and right.  Determined to not become another statistic, she doubled her efforts and has been holding her own.

One night, after a long day at the restaurant, she decided to kick back with her four kids (two boys and twin girls) and relax with a pizza.  She had always been a big fan of loading a slice up with Sriracha sauce when it occured to her…  SRIRACHA JERKY!

The very next day she made a special batch just to try.  She gave a piece to everyone that came to the restaurant the next day and immediately she knew she had a winner.

The money that she has been making from local sales of this jerky has been enough to keep her business afloat, but she is wanting to take it to the next level.  She called on us at Gooder Labs to see what we could do and of course the first thing we thought was KICKSTART IT!  She’s a bit camera shy, so we had our graphics guy (Jesse) whip up a video in his signature style.  The project went live at around 2:30pm on May 30th.  To our amazement when we came in to the Lab the next morning we saw that it had ALREADY MET ITS FUNDING GOAL!!!

LG’s Jerky and Gooder Labs, LLC – Smashing gender stereotypes in Johnson City, TN!



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