LG’s BBQ In spite of the ODDS!

Over the next three months we will be launching a promotional campaign using various forms of advertising and social media.  All sales inquiries in relation to LG’s must come through Gooder Labs, LLC.  All the funds collected from this activity will go to funding Lynnette and LG’s BBQ.

We are going to use kickstarter.com and indiegogo.com to fund our projects and products and try to accomplish funding for major upgrades and equipment without resorting to Lynnette having to sign her life away to the bank.  If you are not familiar with this type of funding please visit the site and get signed up and check them out.

The funding from these adventures will go toward upgrading LG’s BBQ decor and equipment.  If you don’t know much about LG’s story, well – it is a good one.  Single mom of 4 kids scrapes and claws her way into the restaurant business — she used no banks had no major backers and used faith and determination to break into a male dominated BBQ restaurant market.  Friends helped along the way but all in all work ethic and will power helped her maintain her footing through the daunting task of opening a restaurant.

So here we are against all odds. LG’s BBQ is still alive though businesses are closing at a fierce rate around her.   Things look good in the long haul for LG’s but for now each and every day is a struggle to pay the bills.  In comes crowd funding, daily deals, and Gooder Labs to combine efforts and help fund the dream!  So please frequent LG’s, spend some money on a true LOCAL story and help make it successful in spite of the odds!



Conventional Lending is GOING GOING ……….

Old traditions in money lending are about to face their demise.  Over the past few years many of the old ways of doing business are gone and will not be coming back.   We live in a time when inventors, artists and true entrepreneurship have a chance to shine.  With the rise of the crowd funding or crowd sourcing movement (as some call it) we can expect to see great changes in the way that ideas come to life.   Imagine a world where if a person has an idea for an invention or great business idea he or she can actually get the money to fund the project or product without asking uncle Billy to co-sign or asking mom to put her house up for collateral.  This is exactly with world we live in right now, gone are the days of filling out the credit application and waiting for the bank to decide if you are worthy.  Lets let the public decide or the crowd take over the funding of your idea.

All you have to do to get an idea of the power of crowd funding is visit Kickstarter.com and check out a few of the completed projects.  Our company, Gooder Labs LLC., has changed our focus to new product development and the new philosophy “let the people decide!”  We will NEVER again borrow money to start a project.  Why would we, when that is now old fashioned?

Harness the power of the Internet, spark an idea, make a compelling video and something worth seeing, and run a kickstarter.com campaign to get it going.  Like anything else worth doing this is not an easy endeavor as only the most well thought ideas with the best efforts behind them will gain the maximum funding level.

It will take a while for the lending world as we know it to actually feel the heat from this movement but over time they will undoubtedly have to make some big changes if they want to keep up with this trend.  This being said I am sure that over time Government Regulation, busy body rule making and just flat out fear of the unknown will be issues faced by the crowd funding movement.

This phenomenon (crowd funding) is still in the embryo stage and some folks believe God is birthing the movement.   Hand in hand with the Makers, collaborators, barn raisers and communal living folks this movement is slowly changing the world.  In my personal opinion this is a train that comes by a few times in life and if you let it pass you will once again find yourself saying “maybe next time.”  Get a move on!  Sign up for the crowd funding movement at www.kickstarter.com and www.indiegogo.com.  More to come……

Re: Re: Re: Fwd: A treatise on #hashtags, twitter, and spam #lovecraft #mythos #cthulhu

If, through your skillful choice of domain name you want to try and corner the market on a particular topic on the Interweb Net Machine (full of tubes) then you are likely to receive tweets from those who want to further your business and theirs.  Likewise, if you place a #hashtag in your posts announcing “Hey!  I am interested in this!” then you may get an occasional tweet or email from someone who has the same interest.

Recently while trying to promote an upcoming project full of awesome I contacted, via tweet, a “writer” by the name of Mike Davis.  He wanted to let me know that sending him a single Tweet is somehow the same as spamming him.  No mention was made of the fact that his website specifically requests user submissions, but I digress.  Anyway, in this apparent “SPAMMING” session I also contacted seven other people via Twitter to let them know about an exciting new deck of cards in which their readers or followers may be interested.

When Mike said this to me initially I wanted to give him a few choice words and move on, but that’s not how I operate.  Instead, I really think I need clarification on this issue.  I think the awful monster SPAM is closer to the Wiki definition (for this click HERE.)  So instead of bashing him I want to thank him.  Now I am motivated to make a GOODER place for folks to discuss everything Lovecraft.   This place to discuss all things monster will be located at the corner of Fall and Marsh St. in Innsmouth, Mass. and on the web HERE.  Please if you see us posting anywhere about anything you are interested in feel free to message us in any way you see fit.  I won’t consider it spam.

Two decks of cards are in production!

We are currently producing two very special decks of playing cards – an H.P. Lovecraft themed deck and a Tattoo Flash deck!

These decks are going to be Kickstarter projects for Justin.  We plan on launching these for funding on the Kickstarter website.  The cards will be  manufactured by the US Playing Card company under the Bicycle Registered Trademark.  The art is in the works as I type this – it is a very exciting time in our business!

Edit by Coleson : What’s that you say?  You want to see a sample?  Okay, then…  How about the KING OF SPADES and the JACK OF SPADES :


Morbid Anatomy

Check this out – it’s the Morbid Anatomy Project on KICKSTARTER.

Morbid Anatomy Remixed

You can check out the project by clicking the link above.  We also have the video available on Youtube.

It’s awesome!  It features art from hundreds of years ago, repurposed onto t-shirts which have to be seen to be believed.   We are also making special posters using distressed paper which looks like it has seen some years!