Re: Re: Re: Fwd: A treatise on #hashtags, twitter, and spam #lovecraft #mythos #cthulhu

If, through your skillful choice of domain name you want to try and corner the market on a particular topic on the Interweb Net Machine (full of tubes) then you are likely to receive tweets from those who want to further your business and theirs.  Likewise, if you place a #hashtag in your posts announcing “Hey!  I am interested in this!” then you may get an occasional tweet or email from someone who has the same interest.

Recently while trying to promote an upcoming project full of awesome I contacted, via tweet, a “writer” by the name of Mike Davis.  He wanted to let me know that sending him a single Tweet is somehow the same as spamming him.  No mention was made of the fact that his website specifically requests user submissions, but I digress.  Anyway, in this apparent “SPAMMING” session I also contacted seven other people via Twitter to let them know about an exciting new deck of cards in which their readers or followers may be interested.

When Mike said this to me initially I wanted to give him a few choice words and move on, but that’s not how I operate.  Instead, I really think I need clarification on this issue.  I think the awful monster SPAM is closer to the Wiki definition (for this click HERE.)  So instead of bashing him I want to thank him.  Now I am motivated to make a GOODER place for folks to discuss everything Lovecraft.   This place to discuss all things monster will be located at the corner of Fall and Marsh St. in Innsmouth, Mass. and on the web HERE.  Please if you see us posting anywhere about anything you are interested in feel free to message us in any way you see fit.  I won’t consider it spam.

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