LG’s BBQ In spite of the ODDS!

Over the next three months we will be launching a promotional campaign using various forms of advertising and social media.  All sales inquiries in relation to LG’s must come through Gooder Labs, LLC.  All the funds collected from this activity will go to funding Lynnette and LG’s BBQ.

We are going to use kickstarter.com and indiegogo.com to fund our projects and products and try to accomplish funding for major upgrades and equipment without resorting to Lynnette having to sign her life away to the bank.  If you are not familiar with this type of funding please visit the site and get signed up and check them out.

The funding from these adventures will go toward upgrading LG’s BBQ decor and equipment.  If you don’t know much about LG’s story, well – it is a good one.  Single mom of 4 kids scrapes and claws her way into the restaurant business — she used no banks had no major backers and used faith and determination to break into a male dominated BBQ restaurant market.  Friends helped along the way but all in all work ethic and will power helped her maintain her footing through the daunting task of opening a restaurant.

So here we are against all odds. LG’s BBQ is still alive though businesses are closing at a fierce rate around her.   Things look good in the long haul for LG’s but for now each and every day is a struggle to pay the bills.  In comes crowd funding, daily deals, and Gooder Labs to combine efforts and help fund the dream!  So please frequent LG’s, spend some money on a true LOCAL story and help make it successful in spite of the odds!